Your Vote is Your Voice – Voting Guide for Hoosiers with Disabilities

Information courtesy of the Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities

Thousands of people with disabilities in Indiana are waiting for services. Medicaid recipients face cutbacks. Too many Hoosiers with disabilities are unemployed. These issues, and many others, are why citizens with disabilities – you – need to get involved in elections. Policymakers make decisions that impact most aspects of your daily life, so you need to have a say. Exercising your right to vote gives you a voice in this process.

Do you know your voting rights? Are you interested in helping others register to vote? Use the resources listed below to make sure your voice is heard this Election Day on Tuesday, November 8th.

Order Your Voting Guide

This free 54 page booklet provides information on voting including key dates, access requirements for polling places and voting machines, how to check to make sure you are registered, how to find out who your candidates are and research their records, different ways to cast your ballot, voter identification requirements, helpful resource groups and more.

Click here to view the PDF. Click here to order your copy.

Doug Schmidt
Act Team Coordinator
The Fifth Freedom Network

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