Category: Videos

Category: Videos

Jul 27
All about ABLE Accounts

Fifth Freedom interviews Amy Corbin, the Executive Director of the Indiana ABLE…

Jun 19
How to Enroll in the Healthy Indiana Plan

Information courtesy of Indiana Family and Social Services Administration The Healthy…

May 08
Ron McCallum: How technology allowed me to read

Ron McCallum is one of Australia’s most respected legal scholars, a disability…

May 05
Mileha Soneji: Simple hacks for life with Parkinson’s

Simple solutions are often best, even when dealing with something as complicated as…

May 04
Chris Downey: Design with the blind in mind

Chris Downey is an architect who lost his sight in 2008. He contrasts life in his…

May 03
Elise Roy – When we design for disability, we all benefit

Lawyer, artist, and human rights advocate Elise Roy says, “When we design for…

Jun 03
An Interview with the U.S. Goalball Team

Many sports have been adapted for people with disabilities. Soccer and hockey have…

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