Indiana Disability Rights Supported Decision-Making Website

Information courtesy of Indiana Disability Rights

Indiana Disability Rights has launched a new website dedicated to providing trusted resources about Supported Decision-Making (SDM).  SDM is a disability accommodation for people who need assistance in the decision-making process. Think about when you have to make a big decision, like buying a car. You might talk to a partner or your friends, or ask a mechanic for advice, or go online to read reviews. This process is seeking “support” to help you make a decision.

Because guardianship grants all decision-making power to the guardian, SDM is quickly being recognized as an alternative to guardianship. This does not mean that SDM is right for everyone. But in cases where it is appropriate, SDM can serve as both a tool for support and self-determination by recognizing and respecting a person’s ability to make their own decisions.

Visit Indiana Disability Rights’ SDM website here.

Indiana Disability Rights is the service arm of the Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services (IPAS) Commission, and works to protect and promote the rights of individuals with disabilities through empowerment and advocacy. Learn more at

Doug Schmidt
Director of Communications
The Fifth Freedom Network

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