Should the Symbol of Accessibility be replaced? Sign the petition to change the sign

Information courtesy of One National Bank’s Abilities First Associate Resource Group

Old National Bank’s Abilities First Associate Resource Group has launched a petition asking Indiana lawmakers and encourages the State of Indiana to switch to the new Symbol International Symbol of Access (ISA).

The ISA is the white and blue image of a person using a wheelchair used to mark accessible parking spaces, restrooms, and other accessible features. This symbol was originally developed in 1968. The group believes that Indiana should adopt the Modified ISA, a new accessibility symbol depicting a person in a wheelchair moving forward in a dynamic manner. The Modified ISA is designed to portray people with disabilities as active and engaged, and to focus more on the person and less on the wheelchair. The petition is asking Indiana lawmakers to update accessibility statutes and regulations by allowing the usage of the new symbol.

If you would like to see the old and new symbols and sign the petition, visit the Change the Sign website here.  For questions or more information, contact Kathy Callen with Old National Bank at

Doug Schmidt
Act Team Coordinator
The Fifth Freedom Network

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