NPR Series Discusses Sexual Assault against People With Intellectual Disabilities

Information courtesy of NPR, the Arc, and RespectAbility

NPR is airing a series of news stories on victims of sexual assault who have intellectual disabilities (ID). People with ID have one of the highest rates of sexual assault of any group in America, over seven times the rate of people without disabilities. “Abused And Betrayed: People With Intellectual Disabilities And An Epidemic Of Sexual Assault” runs until January 18, and includes interviews with staff and clients from several chapters of The Arc.

Upcoming Episodes

• January 16 (All Things Considered): Police and prosecutors are often reluctant to take these cases. NPR goes to Essex County, New Jersey, where the first case to get widespread attention was prosecuted twenty-five years earlier, and examines what prosecutors have learned since.

• January 18 (Morning Edition): Therapists Nora Baladerian and Karyn Harvey discuss violence in the lives of their clients.

• January 18 (All Things Considered): Self-advocates speak about the effects of sexual violence.

Check your local NPR member station for times. You can also listen to or read the stories after they air at NPR’s website here. Visit the website to for episodes that aired earlier this week, including NPR’s discussion of sexual education for people with ID and unpublished Justice Department data on sex crimes.

Doug Schmidt
Director of Communications
The Fifth Freedom Network

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