How can the Social Security Administration improve Ticket to Work? Comment by April 11

Information courtesy of the Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work (TTW) program that provides employment services for people with disabilities. TTW helps people who receive disability benefits enter or return to the workforce without losing those benefits. The Social Security Administration is asking for comments on how TTW can be improved. If you would like to help, comments are due by April 11.

The Social Security Administration is looking for comments on several issues:

  • Overall, how can TTW support the employment goals of Social Security beneficiaries?
  • How can TTW present information more clearly and effectively?
  • What employment support models are likely to be most effective in helping people with disabilities? Should TTW focus on short-term goals like rapid job search and placement, or long-term goals like gaining skills and education?
  • How can TTW encourage youth with disabilities to pursue apprenticeships, career development programs, post-secondary education, and other work-related opportunities?

If you would like to share your thoughts, you can post a comment online at the Federal Register here. Click the link, then the green “Submit a Formal Comment” button on the right side of the page. Comments are due April 11.

Learn more about Ticket to Work at

Thanks for your help, advocates!

Doug Schmidt
Act Team Coordinator
The Fifth Freedom Network

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