Fort Wayne installs more accessible parking downtown

Information courtesy of Wane-TV

Last month, Dan Headlee had to go to small claims court in Fort Wayne. Headlee, a veteran with disabilities, found that there were no accessible parking spaces next to the building, so he contacted WANE-TV for help. WANE-TV asked Fifth Freedom to come investigate.

When Fifth Freedom staff surveyed the area, we discovered that despite the lack of accessible parking, no laws were being broken. In general, accessible parking is only required where there is already public parking. There was no public parking on the block, so the city and county were not required to provide accessible spaces.

However, the Allen County Board of Commissioners and the City of Fort Wayne went above and beyond the requirements of the law. This week, a public accessible space has been added in the lot next to the building that was formerly employees-only. Also, two accessible spaces have been added on nearby streets.

Fifth Freedom would like to applaud the Allen County Board of Commissioners and the Fort Wayne City Clerk for their rapid response to the needs of Allen County’s disability community. We would also like to thank WANE-TV for the attention they brought to this important issue.

Doug Schmidt
Act Team Coordinator
The Fifth Freedom Network

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