Aim Higher Act would reauthorize Higher Education Act , make changes for students with disabilities

An informational alert prepared by Fifth Freedom

Last week, the House introduced the Aim Higher Act (H.R. 6543). This bill reauthorizes the Higher Education Act. The bill would require colleges to accept disability documentation from high school, eliminating the need for students to reprove their disability in college to receive accommodations. The bill would also reauthorize the Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, which awarded grants to colleges to create or expand transition and postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities.

The Aim Higher Act would also establish an office of accessibility in every institution to make colleges and universities more accessible to people with disabilities. Additionally, the bill includes grants to train teachers to make their instruction more accessible to students with disabilities.

Because the bill is so new, there is not much information available online yet. In a week or two, the full text will be available online here. Fifth Freedom will send out an update when more information is available.

If this issue is important to you, you may wish to contact your representatives in the House with your opinion.

Doug Schmidt
Director of Communications
The Fifth Freedom Network

Fifth Freedom is a not-for-profit organization that strives at all times to be non-partisan. The content of this post is provided for information purposes only, and does not express or imply support for any particular political party, politician, candidate for office, or piece of legislation.

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